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Whether you have recently undergone orthopaedic surgery, have been diagnosed with a neurologic condition, or are suffering from the effects of a recent fall, weakness, or stroke, UPMC Home Healthcare is here to help. Our rehabilitation team includes highly trained therapists and nurses who have a wide range of specialty skills.

The time after surgery or an acute illness can result in weakness that may interfere with your participation in your normal, routine activities. Rehabilitation therapy is proven to be effective in increasing that strength.

Leaving your home is not always an easy or possible option. Upon receiving an order from your physician, our Rehab staff comes to you – in the comfort of your own home.



Services include:

Physical Therapy
  • Specialize in post-op surgery programs for knee, hip and spinal surgeries
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Safe walking – Stair training
  • Balance training
  • Mobility equipment needs
  • Pain assessment and treatment
  • Energy conservation
Occupational Therapy
  • Improve upper body strength and function
  • Improve independence with dressing, bathing, grooming, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Provide home safety assessment
  • Assess for adaptive equipment
  • Hand therapy to improve functional hand skills
Speech Therapy
  • Improve speaking and understanding of language
  • Improve reading and comprehension of printed material
  • Improve attention and focusing abilities
  • Improve cognition
  • Address swallowing challenges
  • Voice changes

We're here to serve you

Our therapists and nurses live and work in their home communities, providing individualized, timely care to patients and their families. We have more than 150 experienced home care therapists on our staff. We are available to you by phone, and if needed, can send someone to see patients even on weekends and holidays.
A COVID-19 message to our patients and caregivers

Quality Care
We provide you with enhanced care with a treatment plan tailored to your health condition, environment, and level of recovery.

Compassionate Care
Our dedicated staff help you and your family cope with your condition and work toward your recovery.

Timely Care
We are fully staffed seven days a week to make home care visits, even on holidays when necessary. After normal business hours, a medical professional is always available to take your call.

Patient & Family Centered Care
We are committed to providing you with an exceptional home health experience by delivering and approaching care from the patient and family perspective.